This AEA Sessions video features bassist, Dave Robaire, playing his original piece “Gardenia” for solo double bass. The bass is captured by an AEA R84 up-close while a pair of N8s pick up the natural room tone.

This AEA Sessions video features the supercardioid KU4 capturing clarinetist, Phil O'Connor at The Bridge Recording, Los AngelesIn a gradient hue of black and white, O’Connor plays Heinrich Sutermeister’s “Capriccio of Solo Clarinet” while the KU4 sits four feet in front. On a tall stand, the R88 captures the natural room ambience of the scoring stage. 

This installment of the AEA Sessions features composer and vibraphonist, Nick Mancini, performing an improvisational solo captured with only a pair of N8s.

Nothing beats a room full of ribbons and a groovy tune! Watch The California Honeydrops perform their song "Brokedown" with ribbons on vocals, brass, bass, drums, percussion and more!

Josh Nelson, plays his original piece, “The Architect.” The R88 stereo ribbon was used exclusively to capture the solo baby grand piano, without any effects, compression or EQ.