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Electric Guitar - Les Paul (N22, N8, SM57)
Electric Guitar - Stratocaster (N22, N8, SM57)
Electric Guitar - Telecaster (N22, N8, SM57)
Electric Guitar - Gretsch White Falcon (N22, N8, SM57)

WoodBrass (www.woodbrass.com) 

AEA visited French dealer, WoodBrass, and recorded a variety of electric guitars in their Paris showroom. Julien Bitoun, guitar extraordinaire and head of the guitar department at WoodBrass played a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, and Gretsch White Falcon on these tracks.

For each take, an AEA N22AEA N8 and Shure SM57 were positioned directly next to each other about 2 inches away from the center of the speaker driver. The N22 in the center, the N8 and the SM57 on the sides.

All are in phase with one another which allows you to compare them individually and also listen to the tracks blended. Feel free to download the tracks and put them into your DAW to listen to different combinations.

Electric Guitars:
  • Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster '57 HLE Gold
  • Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Postmodern Journeyman Aged White Blonde
  • Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Reissue 1958 VOS Bourbon Burst
  • Gretsch White Falcon
  • Analog Outfitters Sarge Amp
  • JHS Alpine Reverb (on every clean sound)
  • Anasounds Savage (on most crunch sounds)
  • Anasounds Feed Me (on most fuzz sounds)
  • JHS Charlie Brown (on the Strat "Percussive Crunch" and the Les Paul "Metal" song)
Microphone Preamps:
  • AEA RPQ 500 - N22, N8 
  • SSL VHD 500 (XL-Desk) - SM57
File Information: 48k 24bit wavs. These are raw files with no eq, compression, or effects.
The playback via SoundCloud is heavily data-compressed. Download the high-resolution PCM files for best playback quality.