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2013 PAR Excellence Award AEA R88 mk2 Wins the 2013 PAR Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that the AEA R88 mk2 has won the 2013 PAR Excellence Award in the dynamic microphone category. The awards are a reader-voted program, presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review (PAR) magazine. The PAR Excellence trophy is a true award "of the people", so we would like to thank you all for your support. The R88 received the exact same number of votes as the Telefunken M82 dynamic mic making them both tied winners in this category.

"The AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone packs two matched, pressure-gradient pure aluminum ribbon transducers into a single elongated body, making it convenient to set up and record with,” explains PAR Software Editor Rich Tozzoli. “Overall, this mic delivers in several different ways. It’s easy to setup for stereo recording; it maintains a solid center image with a wide soundstage. It provides just what you would expect out of a high-end ribbon–huge, smooth, creamy sound with a massive bottom."

Read more at Pro Sound News.

The AEA N22
The AEA N22 ribbon microphone
Introducing the AEA N22 NUVO Series ribbon microphone

The phantom-powered N22 was designed with the needs of singer-songwriters and home studio owners in mind. Bridging the gap between vintage and modern, ribbon and condenser, studio and live, the N22 is the perfect companion for musicians and engineers alike.

Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology that has earned AEA its reputation, the N22 offers an incredible sound in close-mic applications like acoustic and electric guitars, piano, vocals, and drums. With phantom-powered JFET electronics and a custom German transformer the N22 achieves optimal performance with a wide range of preamps including USB or Firewire audio interfaces in home studio setups.

Click here to learn more and visit us at AEA booth #2744 to find out how the N22 can be the missing link in your recording.

AEA R88 mk2 PAR 2013 Nominee
AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Ribbon Mic nominated for 2013 PAR Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that the R88 mk2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone has been nominated for a 2013 PAR Excellence Award. Even though the microphone has been out for a while, it has recently been getting a lot of well-deserved attention by engineers like Jacquire King, Randy Kohrs, or Ryan Hewitt, and we're glad to be shipping this mic to more and more studios around the world. The awards are a reader-voted program, presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review Magazine. The online ballot allows voting privileges to Pro Audio Review print and digital subscribers until November 15, 2013. PAR Excellence Winners will be announced in the December 2013 issue of Pro Audio Review and simultaneously online at, PAR’s shared website with sister publication, Pro Sound News.

Click here to show your support for AEA and to vote for the R88 mk2 in the "Dynamic Microphones" category.

AEA R44 for Man Of Steel soundtrack
Violinist Ann Marie Calhoun and the R44C
R44 ribbon provides intimate violin sound for Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel, the latest installment of Warner Bros Superman blockbuster movie franchise opened recently with a record breaking $125 million and we are honored that AEA mics and preamps were part of making superstar composer Hans Zimmer's sonic vision become real. Famed scoring engineer Alan Meyerson chose his favorite R44C "Bessie" ribbon microphone powered by the TRP preamp as his main spot mic to capture the beautiful Artot-Alard Stradivarius violin played by Ann Marie Calhoun at the Warner Bros stage.

Click here to watch a short making-of video courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Fix It In The Mic - Ben's Studio
The team at Ben's Studio with their AEA mics
AEA Fix It In The Mic featuring Ben's Studio

This episode of AEA Fix It In The Mic features a visit to Ben's Studio, the former RCA Studio A in Nashville, now owned by singer-songwriter and producer Ben Folds. Leslie Richter and Joe Costa, two seasoned freelance engineers who regularly work out of Ben's Studio, talk to us about their creative work in this legendary studio and share their thoughts on microphone techniques, studio gear, and the special qualities of ribbon mics. Join us for this rare glimpse at one of Nashville's largest and most historic recording studios.

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Fix It In The Mic - Chris Mara
Producer/engineer and studio owner Chris Mara
AEA Fix It In The Mic video interview with Chris Mara

The latest AEA Fix It In The Mic video takes us back in time to Welcome To 1979, a retro all-analog recording studio in Nashville, TN. Hear how producer/engineer Chris Mara recorded the energetic gospel/blues artist Sean Michel using a vintage RCA 44 ribbon mic, and find out why you "can't EQ cool"!

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Fix It In The Mic - Chuck Ainlay
Producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay
AEA Fix It In The Mic video interview with Chuck Ainlay

AEA is proud to announce the first episode of Fix It In The Mic – Nashville featuring Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay. In the video interview, Chuck explains his approach to recording and how he uses microphones to get great sounds right away. Besides specific recording advice, this episode features insights into Chuck's engineering philosophies and secrets such as embracing experimentation and chance. He points out how to use different microphones to create full and well-rounded records, how to utilize leakage (or bleed), and why a cardioid microphone isn't always the best choice.

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AEA R44CX How It's Made
The R44CX in How It's Made
How It's Made television series features AEA R44CX

AEA is pleased to announce that the popular How It's Made series is showcasing AEA's R44CX ribbon microphone this Thursday, October 25th at 9:00 pm ET on Discovery's Science Channel in the US. This How It’s Made segment reveals the level of detail and craft behind an all-American classic. It presents elements of R44 microphone production from start to finish. Rare insights into interior details and production techniques are shown. Starting with the frame and distinctive grille, it moves to the heart of microphone and the watchmaker’s art of installing and tuning the ribbon. For those interested in studio microphones, this segment is a must-see.

Click here to watch the How It's Made video on YouTube.
Click here for more information about the How It's Made television series.
Click here to see the official press release.

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